General Contractor

We provide services in construction that cover material, labor and equipment. Our company is known for its quality products (ready mixed concrete and asphalt), quality works, on-time project completion and excellent on-site manpower management.

  • General construction – labor and management, equipment and material
  • Road construction
  • Road improvement and maintenance
  • Concreting
  • Asphalt overlay
  • Asphalt pavement resurfacing
  • Spreading and compaction of cement treated base
  • Equipment Rental –brand-new sprayjet asphalt paver, 38-meter JUNJIN concrete pump, 3 brand-new HINO transit mixers
  • Test on soils and soils aggregates – grading, wash loss, liquid/plastic limit, field density, compaction (MDR) and fractured face
  • Test on coarse aggregates – grading, wash loss, specific gravity, absorption and unit weight
  • Test on fine aggregates – grading, wash loss, specific gravity, absorption and unit weight
  • Test on concrete – rebound hammer, slump test of fresh concrete and design mix
  • Test on Bituminous Mix – asphalt content, grading, bulk specific gravity, stability, job mix and coring for thickness and density determinations of asphalth pavement and schellenberg binder drainage test

Ready Mix Concrete

SUBICCON Corporation has made a name in providing the best ready mixed concrete in North and Central Luzon. The company has its own concrete batching plant, recently acquiring a 60 cubic-meter twin-shaft pugmill mixer yielding a production of the finest concrete mix designs from 1000 psi to 6000 psi concrete strength.

Our ready mix concretes are suitable for sustainable construction. Our concrete designs are up for durability, resistance to aggressive environment and strength.

Engineered concrete – high performance concrete that combines durability and low maintenance with resistance to aggressive environments; up to 6000 psi. Ideal for bridges and industrial infrastructure.
Road and pavement concrete – durable and low maintenance; requires less energy from light. Usually 2000 to 6000 psi.
Building and housing concrete – structural lightweight concrete and self-compacting, improves the strength and durability of the building. Usually 1000 to 4000 psi.

Ready Mix Asphalt

SUBICCON Corporation offers a versatile, affordable but high-performing asphalt products ideal for roads, major driveways, commercial lanes and parking lots, tarmac and pavements. Our asphalt products are designed for consistency, durability and could resist varying weight loads and weather conditions. We have a brand new sprayjet asphalt paver, a 2-in-1 equipment designed to prevent contamination and foreign materials during the layering process.

  • Asphalth treated base (ATB) – a foundation course consisting of mineral aggregate, bound together with asphaltic materials and constructed on a prepared subgrade/subbase.
  • Asphalt intermediate course (Binder course) – a course between a base course and an asphalt surface course.
  • Asphalt surface course (Wearing Course) – The top course of an asphalt pavement
  • Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) – A gap graded hot mix asphalt surface course, composed of high proportion of course aggregates, fine aggregates, mineral filler and a bituminous material mixed in a central plant. Cellulose fibers, either pure or bitumen coated, shall be added to the mix to absorb the excess binder and to improve the properties of the asphalt mix.

About Company

SUBICCON is a company founded in 1992 that values excellence, integrity and the highest standards of services and products approved by the ISO 9001:2015.

SUBICCON is one of the fastest growing companies in the construction industry providing general contracting and supplies of ready mix concrete and asphalt.

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