Ready Mix Asphalt

SUBICCON Corporation offers a versatile, affordable but high-performing asphalt products ideal for roads, major driveways, commercial lanes and parking lots, tarmac and pavements. Our asphalt products are designed for consistency, durability and could resist varying weight loads and weather conditions. We have a brand new sprayjet asphalt paver, a 2-in-1 equipment designed to prevent contamination and foreign materials during the layering process.

  • Asphalth treated base (ATB) – a foundation course consisting of mineral aggregate, bound together with asphaltic materials and constructed on a prepared subgrade/subbase.
  • Asphalt intermediate course (Binder course) – a course between a base course and an asphalt surface course.
  • Asphalt surface course (Wearing Course) – The top course of an asphalt pavement
  • Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) – A gap graded hot mix asphalt surface course, composed of high proportion of course aggregates, fine aggregates, mineral filler and a bituminous material mixed in a central plant. Cellulose fibers, either pure or bitumen coated, shall be added to the mix to absorb the excess binder and to improve the properties of the asphalt mix.